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Business Interruption / Loss of Business Income Analysis:

  • Net Income & Continuing Expenses Method
  • Gross Earnings Less Noncontinuing Expenses Method
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Loss of Individual Earnings
  • Extra Expenses Analysis
  • Coinsurance Analysis

Property Damage:

  • Business Personal Property
  • Building Loss
  • Cost Verification
  • Coinsurance Analysis

Inventory / Stock Loss:

  • Damaged Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Loss Measurements
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • Inventory Price Testing
  • Automatic Seasonal Increase Analysis

Employee Dishonesty

Business Valuation

Appraisals (Business Interruption)

Litigation Support Services:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Consulting

Fraud / Arson Loss:

  • Financial Motive Analysis
  • Arson for Profit Analysis
  • Concealment Analysis
  • Analysis of Financial Conditions

Third Party Liability

  • Personal Injury Lost Earnings Analysis
  • Life Care Plan Analysis
  • Wrongful Death Lost Earnings Analysis

Environmental Claims:

  • Damage Measurement
  • Cleanup Cost Verification

Worker Compensation

  • Income Verification
  • Loss of Earnings Analysis


Sanderford & Associates conducts instructional workshops for our clients and professional associations. These workshops include:

  • Business Interruption and Extra Expenses
  • Analysis of Financial Motive and Financial Condition
  • Fraud and Arson for Profit
  • Employee Dishonesty / Fidelity Losses
  • Inventory Losses and Business Personal Property
  • Forensic Accounting